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Umweltstiftung Grosskopf
Transport Refrigeration of the Future Utilising Natural Refrigerants.


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Successful premiere in the UK: ECOOLTEC technology convinces fleet operators

  • Fleet operators very much in favour of the use of natural refrigerants
  • ECOOLTEC technology ensures future operational longeavity
  • Sustainable and efficient at the same time: ECOOLTEC TM182

He shaped transport refrigeration for over 45 years: ECOOLTEC patron Peter Großkopf stands down


ECOOLTEC refrigeration systems protect the climate and offer cost advantages in operation

  • Natural refrigerants with no impact on the environment
  • Availability of R1270 and R744 guaranteed in the long term
  • Low service and maintenance costs reduce operating costs

Review IAA 2022 including Press Kit

Presentation of the company, the technology and the sales structure


Sustainable, efficient, safe and practical: ECOOLTEC revolutionises transport refrigeration

  • Natural refrigerants with single-figure global warming potential
  • Highest operational safety due to fully hermetic cooling circuits
  • Ultra fast pull-down times thanks to phenomenal refrigerating capacity

Market launch for ECOOLTEC: Transport refrigeration machines for tomorrow’s world

  • ECOOLTEC Grosskopf GmbH technology available today to meet current and future challenges facing refrigerated transport
  • Employees with extensive industry experience enable technological lead
  • ECOOLTEC launch at the IAA Transportation Hanover in September 2022