ECOOLTEC Grosskopf GmbH

Has for decades developed, promoted, and lobbied for environmentally acceptable energy efficient transport refrigeration systems.

Our mission

The primary objective of ECOOLTEC Grosskopf GmbH is to offer customers in the temperature-controlled transport sector forward-looking, environmentally friendly technologies.

Therefore, the focus of ECOOLTEC Grosskopf GmbH is on a new generation of transport refrigeration machines. Those will be equipped with all the latest technical innovations, which will set a new standard in transport refrigeration. 

Key technology

Instead of the HFC refrigerants with GWP values of up to 2200 used in transport refrigeration, we rely on natural refrigerants with GWP values of less than 4. At the same time, maximum operational safety is guaranteed by the exclusion of leakage of flammable refrigerants into the truck body. 

Technical Advisory Board

For all subject areas, we have a long-established network of external specialists and renowned experts at our side, who guarantee the highest level of knowledge and experience in all the relevant areas of our business. 

Internal know-how

A dynamic team of experienced employees and qualified transport refrigeration engineers is the basis of our competitive edge. 

Financial foundation

Umweltstiftung Grosskopf GmbH has released up to 50 million euros for practical implementation for ECOOLTEC Grosskopf GmbH. 

„We are dedicated to ensure our customers have the option to select cooling equipment that will have the least effect on people and their environment.“

Temperature-controlled transport must already be carried out in a much more environmentally friendly way! 

On average, 250 diesel-powered transport refrigeration systems WITHOUT any exhaust filtering are newly registered every day on Europe's roads alone. Here, the EU is urgently required to prescribe Euro 6 car exhaust quality for transport refrigeration systems, as has been common practice in other countries for many years, especially since this technology is currently available. For example: In the marine engine sector, the diesel engines used in today’s transport refrigeration have for some considerable time been offered with common rail injection and exhaust gas after treatment. 


ECOOLTEC Grosskopf GmbH already fully utilises the latest fully electric drive technology. 

„Our solutions use cutting-edge technologies that are both particularly powerful and environmentally friendly, so our innovations are always defining a new state of the art.“

Highly efficient roof cooling systems

Our team has been working for many years on extremely flat transport refrigeration systems for complete integration into the vehicle roof of both rigid vehicle and trailer refrigerated bodies, using specially developed components so as not to exceed a maximum overall height of 240 mm. Our roof-mounted refrigeration units are integrated at the front and at the top of the body, they are directly supplied with fresh air when driving and not with engine or exhaust heat from the truck engine, which can be at temperatures of up to 90 °C.  This installation position also provides free space to ensure optimum air cooling and discharge air flow and to facilitate cab tilt without the need to increase body height, or to fit inefficient under mounted units on low height bodies. This unique mounting position provides optimum conditions for the system, particularly in cooling mode, making the system extremely energy-efficient and reliable. With the quick-change system, the roof-mounted refrigeration unit can be removed or replaced in minutes. Although the system is virtually maintenance-free should any extensive work be required we have built in a facility for this to be undertaken at low level. 

Environmentally compatible refrigerants

The European F-Gas Regulation (EU) No. 517/2014 restricts the use of fluorinated refrigerants currently in use and even bans some of them. This is already endangering the operational life of refrigeration systems, for if refrigerants are no longer available for servicing, or if the prices for F-gases rise as expected the cost of operating these units will certainly be subject to a significant increase. ECOOLTEC Grosskopf GmbH has therefore designed our systems to benefit the environment and operator from the use of future-proof natural refrigerants in its refrigeration systems. Hydrocarbons in particular are characterised by a high energy efficiency of the refrigeration process and have a competitive price with good availability. The existing risk of use due to the flammability of hydrocarbons has been eliminated; thanks to a patent-pending innovative system design. This allows us to safely use the considerable advantages of this refrigerant group in transport refrigeration. 

Efficient plant components

ECOOLTEC Grosskopf GmbH uses specially developed scroll compressors in a horizontal design, which combine excellent capacity controllability with high energy efficiency, ultra-low vibration, and their infinitely variable speed control guarantee an even quieter machine. Should the system require it, the performance, efficiency and operational reliability of the unit can be further increased by refrigerant injection. When selecting the heat exchangers, attention was paid to minimising the required refrigerant charge. Compared with conventional solutions, a reduction of over 70 % was achieved. At the same time, the efficiency of the system is significantly increased due to larger heat transfer surfaces being installed into the available space. Finally, the materials selected allow costs and weight to be saved and the risk of corrosion to be reduced. All motors are speed-controlled by state-of-the-art inverters, this again significantly improves energy efficiency and noise emission when compared with conventional systems currently available on the market. 

Knowledge in transport refrigeration that has grown over the decades 

In 1978, the renowned transport refrigeration expert Peter Großkopf founded FRIGOBLOCK Grosskopf GmbH, which was continuously expanded and managed by him until its sale in 2015. At that time, the company quickly developed into the largest European manufacturer of unsurpassed high-performance, environmentally friendly, durable and cost-saving transport refrigeration units. Following the sale, ECOOLTEC Grosskopf GmbH has seamlessly continued the development of future-oriented transport refrigeration machines.

Our team

In a very short time, we have succeeded in bringing together a dynamic team of experienced employees; who include some of the most qualified engineers in the field of transport refrigeration, enthusiastically dedicated to the development of effective, high performance, and cost effective environmentally friendly transport refrigeration. 

The team is a mix of former FRIGOBLOCK and new employees; all highly qualified and with many years of experience helping to ensure the company has the required skill base to help realise its ultimate potential. 

Together with name giver and owner Peter Großkopf and under the direction of Henning Altebäumer and Dr. Jürgen Süß, the company is once again working on solutions that we believe should already be considered the benchmark for the transport refrigeration market. 

Targeting the overall refrigerated vehicle market for the first time

As a result of the tightening of environmental regulations, electric drive technology will be unavoidable in all future market sectors. We therefore plan to globally market the new hermetically sealed roof-mounted refrigeration systems from ECOOLTEC Grosskopf GmbH. Newly developed components for our systems are to be manufactured economically and in significantly larger quantities, since partner companies in the areas of refrigerated containers (reefers) as well as bus and rail air- conditioning systems will also be utilising ECOOLTEC components and therefore will also be able to meet future environmental requirements. 

The fast-growing market segment of home delivery is also being addressed as a possible new potential customer area of interest for ECOOLTEC Grosskopf GmbH. 

The new factory premises have already been planned in such a way that they can be quickly expanded by building extensions to accommodate the expected growth. 

For whom we develop, produce and sell products 

Retail and wholesale, wholesale consumers, discount retailers, food manufacturers, home delivery services, butchers and many more. 

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